WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Campus high standout Sterling Chapman has already received multiple college offers during a time when he can’t even visit the schools.

The fallout from the coronavirus has trickled down to the point that college basketball coaches have had to find new ways of recruiting athletes. For Chapman, that meant receiving more face-time video calls and regularly hearing from coaches virtually.

“It’s different creating a bond in person,” says Chapman, “but also, it’s different creating a bond through phones and through texts and calls. But we’re still working on that and coaches are still reaching out.”

His dad, Les Chapman, has also noticed a difference in how coaches are recruiting players during the pandemic.

“Thank God for video,” says the elder Chapman. “Because now video allows them to sit at home and really look at the kid that was on their list and really evaluate a kid that way. So yeah, they have to be a little bit more personal now, but I imagine everybody is going through that.”

The pandemic hasn’t stopped the offers from flowing in for rising senior.

So far, SMU, Tulsa and Coastal Carolina have all offered Sterling Chapman a spot on their teams. “I was very surprised when I got my first offer. I was very happy. It was a lot of emotion.”

Although this recruiting process is unlike most, Chapman is relishing the thrill of meeting new people and keeping his eyes on the prize.

“I’m making more relationships with coaches,” Chapman says. “And I’m looking forward to meeting more coaches and discovering different things, just becoming more of a student to the game.”