WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — An AAU track and field team from Wichita, BSR-Askia, is on its way to regionals for the second straight year.

Forty-seven athletes from the BSR-Askia team will be competing and striving to finish in the top 6 to make it to nationals. Co-head coach PC Patton said the team secured 12 spots in nationals last year.

One of them, ninth-grader Kanyia Henderson, brought home the title and is looking to repeat. To do so, PC Patton says the team has been putting in the work.

“We’ve been working hard,” said Patton. “We’ve been battling against the weather, so a lot of kids have been doing a lot of home workouts, but when we get together, we practice for two hours. I mean blood, sweat, and tears. They all come out. We do intervals. We do crunches. We do some of everything to keep them in shape and out of trouble and off the streets and just have some positive to do in the community.”