WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Kansas City Chiefs faced the New York Jets on Sunday Night Football.

Running back Breece Hall, one of Wichita’s very own, was highlighted in the game. Hall rushed for a 43-yard gain in the third quarter.

KSN News talked to two Wichita coaches about Hall’s early success on and off the field.

“Just to see him just be a positive example for the kids that we’re watching him grow up. My kids were able to be right by his side and got to see him progress, and now, they have something to chase because he set that example for them,” AJ Bohannon, youth football coach, said.

The Wichita Northwest High School standout also received a lot of support from high school coach Steve Martin, and anytime the former Grizzley standout makes it back for a visit, it tends to bring extra attention throughout the hallway.

“The community you know loves Breece. Anytime Breece can come back, it’s met with a lot of fanfare. I know one time, he came to class, and I had to get him out of there because it was getting a little overwhelming. People were getting passes to come see Breece,” Martin said.

The matchup against Kansas City complicated a few things for those rooting for the hometown kids.

“From a personal level, we’re going to be cheering for Breece, and from a fan level, we’ll be cheering for the Chiefs. So it’s kind of household divided, but just seeing him being able to achieve his goal and being able to make it to that level and just be successful on and off the file is testament in and of itself,” Bohannon said.