KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — The Kansas City Royals $2 billion proposal to build a ballpark district near downtown has many people wondering where exactly it would go.

The Royals haven’t said, but specific locations under consideration may include 11th and Holmes streets, near J.E. Dunn’s headquarters, called the East Village.

The area near the Kansas City Star’s production building at 16th and Oak streets also may be an attractive site.

There’s also talk about putting the stadium near the 18th and Vine entertainment district.

Some like the idea of seeing the downtown skyline from the new stadium’s outfield. That makes the north loop of downtown, building across Interstate 70, another possible consideration.

Supporters of the idea say this is all good news for downtown Kansas City, which expects free public transit to help alleviate any parking concerns.

“Public transit makes it extremely easier to get to the stadium,” Bill Dietrich, president and CEO of the Downtown Council, said. “You think about the streetcar expansion to UMKC, you will have parking open up all along that line for people who can jump on a streetcar ride within a few blocks of one of the multiple sites they are looking at. Walk through the urban environment and experience the joy of restaurants and sports pubs and all the things that are happening downtown.”

Dietrich says there are 67,000 parking spaces in downtown Kansas City. He said the Downtown Council needs to do a better job of showing people where they are and how to use them.

Downtown Kansas City continues to grow, with 36,000 people now calling downtown home.

If downtown were its own city, Dietrich says it would be the 11th largest in the metro area.