WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Paul Mills brings an impressive resume to his new position as head coach of the Wichita State University (WSU) men’s basketball team. He will also bring with him his wife and two young daughters.

After six successful seasons at Oral Roberts, Paul Mills was looking for a new challenge. He found it at Wichita State.

“I do like the idea of a new challenge. I have little man syndrome. Especially when you’re out here trying to coach 6-foot-10 guys, and I grew up in an area where the more you challenge me, the more I enjoyed it,” said Paul.

Mills and his wife, Wendy Mills, are from Houston. They’ve known each other since junior high.

“It’s a great move. We’re so excited. He gets to take the next step of his career at such a great school and a great city,” said Wendy.

“I think some people need encouragement in order to move forward, and everybody’s personality is different. I think the idea that this is the hurdle, this is the obstacle we need to climb. You’re committed to that work to overcome that particular obstacle. So, I enjoy the challenge,” said Paul.

Paul led Oral Roberts to a 30-5 record and a spot in the NCAA Tournament this season. Wichita State’s athletic director says Paul was his target early on.

“Great family. Genuine. Authentic. Great sense of humor. He knows his basketball,” says WSU’s Kevin Saal.

And so does Wendy. The new First Lady of Wichita State hoops knows the drill of being a coach’s wife, anyway.

“I think our last move, I picked out the house and put an offer on it, and Paul didn’t see the house until the day we moved in,” said Wendy. “That’s how we divide and conquer. He’ll come to the gym, and I’ll go house shopping.”

Mills said he heard from more than a half-dozen schools last week after Oral Roberts’ season ended, but he only talked to two. He had his eyes on Wichita State.

“I have a senior daughter, and so she’s headed off to college. So, she was like, ‘We’ll see ya later.’ And I do have a sophomore. It will be an adjustment as you go through this process. My wife and I, we’ve had opportunities to go to other places, leave, and we’ve always evaluated it as far as what’s good for our family,” said Paul, who turned down at least a couple of coaching offers after leading Oral Roberts to the Sweet 16 two years ago.

“The values of the Midwest fit right in with our family. It’s just an adventure meeting new people. New places to see,” said Wendy.

“Wichita is good for our family, and we’re happy to be part of Wichita State,” said Paul.

Wendy says their oldest daughter, Audrey, will attend Oklahoma State. Their youngest, Abbey, is 15.