In recent week, it’s become somewhat of a tradition for opposing fanbases to try and get under the skin of the Eagles faithful by “decorating” the iconic statue of Rocky outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art in a non-Eagles jersey. However, that’s a ritual that Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce doesn’t want to see continue ahead of Super Bowl LVII.

Speaking with his brother Jason—the Eagles’ standout center—on their New Heights podcast this week, the Kansas City star said that he doesn’t want any Chiefs fans to touch the Philadelphia landmark before next week’s championship game. His primary reason for telling fans to exercise caution is that going after the statue hasn’t done anything except further embolden the passionate Philly fanbase ahead of their beloved team’s playoff games.

“Right now… Chiefs fans. Do not touch the f—--- Rocky memorial,” Kelce said in a clear message on the podcast. “Do not do that. Definitely don’t put an 87 on there.”

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Jason Kelce went as far as theorize that the person who has been going after the Rocky statue is actually an Eagles fan, who’s hoping to give the team and the fanbase additional bulletin board material ahead of their postseason games. If that is the case, Jason encouraged that person to keep putting opposing team’s jersey on the landmark, because it’s worked out well for the team thus far. 

The Eagles have cruised in their first two playoff games this year against the Giants and an injury-ridden 49ers team. However, the Chiefs will present a different sort of challenge for the NFC champs, whether the Rocky statue is defaced or not.