The NFL’s management council released a memo on Thursday informing teams across the league that a person named Ken Francis was attempting to persuade clubs to discuss potential negotiations for Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

However, Francis is not an NFLPA certified agent and is not allowed to negotiate “offer sheets or player contracts” nor is he allowed to discuss “potential trades of any NFL player or prospective player,” per the league’s memo. Jackson is currently under Baltimore’s non-exclusive franchise tender.

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported that Francis most recently was pitching a home fitness invention in Florida and has been attempting to negotiate a nine-figure contract for Jackson with NFL teams. However, his lack of NFLPA certification prevents him from doing so. According to Article 48 of the league’s collective bargaining agreement, NFL player contracts can only be arranged with the “player if he is acting on his own behalf or with an NFLPA certified agent.”

Currently, Jackson does not hold representation from a NFLPA certified agent. Jackson tweeted his reaction to the NFL’s statement Thursday, saying “Stop Lying that man never tried to negotiate for me 🤣🤣.”

Thursday’s news comes as NFL teams have the opportunity to sign Jackson following the Ravens’ decision to place the franchise tag on him earlier this month. Jackson is still seeking a long-term deal after close to two years of negotiations with Baltimore.

Jackson would make $32.4 million on the franchise tag if he were to suit up and play with the Ravens in 2023.