WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Saturday, June 11, family and friends had the opportunity to enjoy some baseball and watch several local teams play in the annual Little League Showcase. This year Major League Baseball joined in on the fun.

The idea behind the showcase is to be able to not only enjoy the sport but also teach kids about the fundamentals of baseball.

“Every minor league city in the country is participating in this,” said Bob Lutz, director of League 42.

This season minor league teams pare up with little leagues to show young talent what it is like in a professional baseball environment.

“All the hard work happens right here in these leagues, and League 42 does a great job of starting to build that foundation,” said Bob Moullette, director of fan experience at Wichita Wind Surge.

The ‘Play Ball’ Initiative started this year, and both Bob Lutz and Bob Moullette hope it continues for the next several years.

“I think anything that could be done to accentuate the game and make kids aware is helpful and badly needed frankly,” Lutz said.

“If we can add fun elements to it or show them what it can be and maybe one day one of these kids gets inspired and we see that be a future big leaguer, that’s an awesome opportunity,” said Moullette.

For more information on League 42 or the ‘Play Ball’ initiative, you can visit the little league’s official page as well as the Wichita Wind Surge.