WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — On Sunday, March 6, KSN’s Andrea Herrera went around Wichita asking people what a new logo from the Wichita Wind Surge could be.

Guesses included that the team would be another baseball team, a soccer team or even a hockey team.

With an upside-down cow as the logo, many people guessed the team name would be something among the lines of “The Cow Tippers.”

The guesses were not far off, and some even spot-on.

On Thursday, the Wichita Wind Surge announced that the new baseball team, which will celebrate local Hispanic and Latin ties, is the “Tumba Vacas,” which loosely translates to “cow tippers.”

The team’s name is “a playful nod to the rich agricultural history in Wichita.”

The team will be a part of the Minor League Baseball’s Copa de la Diversion program, which has 85 minor league teams participating.

“We are very excited to participate in the Copa de la Diversión program this season,” said Wind Surge CEO Jordan Kobritz. “It will be a fantastic way to celebrate an important part of Wichita’s history and our community and bring additional entertainment to Riverfront Stadium during those games.”

The “Tumba Vacas” uniforms will celebrate traditional charro/as outfits. A charro is a cowboy or horseman that is typically seen wearing an elaborate traditional suit. According to the Wind Surge, “the jerseys will have a rich gold color portraying the dazzling rope skills, vibrant pink and green colors, and multicolor flowers representing the single seed that ancestors planted to build the families and traditions; that exist today.”

The “Tumba Vacas de Wichita” will play four games during the 2022 season. The games will include free activities for kids, food specials, music, dancing, and more.

The four games will be played on the following dates:

  • Thursday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo (Tulsa)
  • Friday, May 20 vs. Springfield Cardinals (Cardenales de Springfield)
  • Sunday, June 26 vs. San Antonio Missions (Flying Chanclas de San Antonio)
  • Saturday, July 9 vs. Amarillo Sod Poodles (Pointy Boots de Amarillo)

Tumba Vacas de Wichita merchandise and single-game tickets are available at windsurge.com or by phone at 316-221-8000.