WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — It’s almost been one year to the day Riverfront Stadium opened its doors to baseball fans for the first time.

With Friday’s season opener for the Wichita Wind Surge in the books, many fans say they’re amazed to see the progress made to the stadium and overall fan experience since last year.

“It’s great for the town of Wichita to have something like this close to the Major Leagues,” Jason Avilas said.

“With the MLB season being on the, on the fritz, I was afraid we might not get it this year,” AJ Scholfield said.

“You know this is our first game, so we’re just excited to go in,” Roger Scholfield said.

Several fans say for them, the experience at the stadium is top-notch.

“There’s no bad seats here — every seat you get a great view of the game,” Dante Simmons said.

“They’ve really simplified a lot of the concessions part of it to keep down on the wait times in line,” Blake Langley said.

While this season brings with it an additional ballpark development fee, some fans say it’s well worth the cost.

“My biggest thing is just to come out and support the team no matter what,” Langley said.

“If it comes to keeping the stadium and field looking as nice as it does, I’m OK paying a few extra dollars,” Simmons said.

“Well, I’m from Austin, Texas, so it’s not as pricey as it is in bigger cities,” Colton Kifer said.

Despite the Wind Surge’s loss to Tulsa Friday, several fans say they’re excited the size of the crowd for this year’s opener is a preview of what lies ahead for the home team.

“Seeing how many folks have come out tonight, it’s exciting,” Mike Rose said.

“Go Wind Surge, and let’s hope for another great season,” Langley said.