WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — K-Staters have been saying the fans travel well. That was really put to the test as thousands of flights were canceled this week. Some fans were already planning on driving or had successful flights, but others had to get creative.

“The one thing about K-Staters, they love to travel and support their team,” traveler Brenda Kubicki said.

Kubicki and her husband drove over 22 hours to get to the Sugar Bowl.

“We got caught in that travel situation where they canceled flights, so we ended up having to get a rental car and drive Tuesday from Phoenix to San Antonio, spend a day packing, and yesterday, we drove here,” Kubicki said.

Brenda’s husband went to Kansas State University, and they’ve been season ticket holders for a while.

“We try not to miss any of the major bowl games that K-State goes to,” Kubicki said. “And K-Staters travel. They love to travel and go support our team. So we said, well, we gotta, we gotta go.”

Leslie Jackson from Elsmore, Kansas, was also affected by the flight cancellations. Her Southwest flight got canceled out of Wichita less than 24 hours before she was supposed to leave.

“So we found a flight out of Tulsa, and drove, went from Tulsa to Houston to Baton Rouge,” Jackson said.

From there, she took an Uber, but that Uber wrecked, so she had to get in another Uber.

“We’re fine. Everything’s fine,” Jackson said. “We finally made it.”

K-State crowd at the Sugar Bowl pep rally (Courtesy: Leslie Jackson)

No matter where they came from, fans say, New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) has a wave of purple and a lot of K-State pride.

“Oh, it’s great. You see purple everywhere,” Kubicki said.