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Before submitting, please ensure that the video conforms to the following rules. If you have problems submitting your video, you can email Kevin White (kevin.white@ksn.com) with questions.

  1. The video must be filmed horizontally. That way, it will look its best when shown during our broadcast!
  2. Upload your video, not a YouTube or other link. If file is too large, consider using this link: https://bit.ly/3sx4BeQ (You must still submit the form, however, before uploading through the OneDrive link).
  3. Please ensure that your school, or organization, has media release forms for all participants. Your school must have permission to use the image of everyone in the video before we can air it.
  4. NOTE: In order for us to show your video, you will be emailed a consent form that you must sign before we are allowed to use the video. Watch your email for the link after submitting your video.

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