WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Will it be enough? The new health order relaxes some restrictions on businesses but some bar and restaurant owners remain skeptical after a rough go the past six months.

“For us to stay open to midnight? Ok, so that will help. Somewhat,” said Darren Greiving, owner of the Blu Nightclub in Wichita. “Any hours closer to two helps slightly.”

Greiving says he has laid-off workers and cut back where he can. But he says the health order would better serve bars if the county moved the closing time later to at least one in the morning.

“We know there are people just getting out of work and going out,” said Greiving. “Then we have to close. Yes, midnight will help. It is not ideal for those of us following the rules already. We need a later out time.”

Some restaurants in Wichita say more capacity will help.

“Oh, we are ready for more capacity,” said Don Wright with Old Mill Tasty Shop. “It’s been one of the craziest, roughest years of our existence at the Old Mill.”

Wright says he offers a free mask to anyone, keeps diners at a distance from each other, and insists staff wear a mask always. He says more capacity will help a struggling bottom line for many.

“People are coming back. We have already seen that,” said Wright. “I think we’re already seeing that a little bit in our older people or our older customers. We’re starting to see more of them than we have and they are kind of getting out on little ventures here and there.”

Wright hopes the confidence in getting out will grow as the health order in Sedgwick County changes a bit to mirror lower coronavirus positivity numbers and a drop in hospitalizations.

“We use disposable cups. We have strenuous cleaning. We wash fruit and do not touch it. We use tongs to pick up fruit for drinks,” said Greiveing.

But it’s the hours that may make the difference for some bars to keep their doors open for good.

“It’s been the hours for us,” said Greiving. “Midnight is not ideal. We hope this is a first step.”

The new changes go into effect for the new county health measures on Sunday.