Skies have turned unsettled as a system tracks through the Plains. There is some moisture showing up on Storm Tracker Radar in the form of snow. Much of this is likely not reaching the ground as the air closer to the surface is and has been very dry.

Winds will be breezy again but have switched out of the south which will help set us up for milder days ahead.

For now, we will not be able to shake much of the chill. Temperatures this morning are at and below freezing. However, south winds helping mix the air and more clouds are keeping us out of the teens and single digits. Highs will remain chilly in the 40s.

High clouds began to stream in yesterday and you will notice thicker cloud cover today. There could still be a few peeks and breaks of sun. A sprinkle or snowflake still cannot be ruled out but most of us will stay dry.

Cloud cover will break even more tonight and make for a cold morning in the teens and 20s early Wednesday.

Temperatures will rebound through the 50s and 60s through the rest of the work week before Mother Nature hits the reset button again Saturday.

Another system will move into the Plains by Friday. Winter weather will likely impact our neighbors to the north in Nebraska. Far Northwest Kansas and Southwest Nebraska could get skimmed by some snow mixed with rain. The rest of the area will remain mainly dry with gusty winds. This will also be a quick-mover and track away from us by Saturday.

We will have to continue to wait for a decent chance of moisture. After Saturday, high temperatures will gradually turn milder again.