It will be another one those days where we will need a jacket for the morning and then sunglasses for the afternoon. Temperatures will not be too chilly this morning and we will quickly warm once the sun is up and shining. A light southerly wind will also help us warm up.

Highs will surge into the 70s with isolated spots possibly touching the low 80s briefly. We will likely see multiple record high temperatures get broken today. Wichita’s record high today is 69 and the forecast high is 75.

After record warmth, we will turn chilly again after sundown. Lows will be in the 30s and 40s.

High pressure is holding strong in the Plains, keeping skies fair and conditions dry.

Our next cold front is on the way and will move through Friday. We will cool off a bit but highs will still be above average. It will feel more like early December over the weekend and a cooler surge will cause some highs to dip into chilly 40s early next week.

As these systems roll through they will not spark much moisture in our area. Late Friday night and Saturday there could be a sprinkle or shower to the south in Oklahoma with a few raindrops sneaking into Southeast Kansas but most of the area will stay dry.

Another system Tuesday is worth keeping an eye on. It could bring a sprinkle or flurry to the outskirts of the area, especially to the northwest but this does not look promising. Highs next week will stay close to average.