It was a fabulous day to take a drive through the Flint Hills! Today I took Storm Tracker 3 north into Dickinson County to visit Blue Ridge Elementary which is part of the Chapman School District.

We talked about different forms of severe weather. Being in Chapman, they were familiar with tornadoes that have hit the area within the last 20 years. They know where to go when a tornado warning is issued from taking shelter in a basement or interior room. They also know how hail, lightning and hurricanes form.

They asked many great questions…including the tallest cumulonimbus cloud I remember. Ironically that memory is attached to 1999 when my hometown of Haysville was hit by a tornado. I watched the storm develop to the town’s southwest earlier in the evening.

The students got to take a tour of Storm Tracker 3 and learned how we keep them ahead of any storm.

Thank you Blue Ridge Elementary School in the Chapman School district for having me out today.

–Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman