We had some special visitors stop by the KSN Studios this afternoon. The Catholic Schoolhouse homeschool group has been learning a lot about weather this fall. Today we discussed different forms of severe weather including tornadoes, flooding, hail, lightning and hurricanes. We also discussed different ways to stay safe from severe weather.

KSN Meteorologist Jack Maney also participated in the weather discussion. One question asked of both of us…what was our scariest storm experience? We had other great questions focused on lightning from the crowd.

Students also took a tour of our studio here at KSN. They saw behind the scenes of our weather center and then checked out Storm Tracker 3. We talked about the tools we use in our mobile weather center to keep them ahead of severe weather.

Thank you, Catholic Schoolhouse homeschool group for coming by, we loved having you as our guests today.

–Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman