Science before our own eyes! Late last week we had a warm front lift to the north. I drove through the drizzle associated with this frontal passage from the Wichita Metro north into Marion County. This, of course, led to our weather discussion at Centre School in Lost Springs about severe weather.

We are approaching the peak of our severe storm season here in Kansas, so it was a perfect time to take Storm Tracker 3 out and help these students brush up on their severe weather safety plans. This afternoon we discussed different forms of weather including tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, lightning and thunder in the school’s gymnasium.

We went over the safest places to take cover and why it is important to be weather aware days in advance of an approaching storm system. I was also asked about my storm tracking stories from the field and the scariest moment I experienced which occurred AFTER the Harveyville Tornado. Such great questions from these students who are familiar with farming and why the weather is so important.

Thank you so much, Centre School in Lost Springs! If you would like Ronelle, Erika, Warren or me to visit your school, send me an email to

–Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman