It is just about a wrap on this year’s school year. Schilling Elementary School in Salina recently began its final reading unit on weather. The second grade teachers have done a wonderful job preparing these students for severe weather season and asked for me to bring Storm Tracker 3 to their school in northcentral Kansas.

May is one of our busier months when it comes to severe weather. Not only did these students learn what meteorologists do on a daily basis, but they also received a history lesson on different tornadoes that have impacted our area over the last several decades and why tornado sirens are so important to keeping us safe.

We went over the safest places to take cover at home, to being in your car, and why it is important to be weather-aware days in advance of an approaching storm system. We also discussed different forms of severe weather from large hail to hurricanes and flooding.

With the recent Andover Tornado they had many questions about it along with how we use our cameras in Storm Tracker 3 to watch storms closely in the field.

Thank you so much, Schilling Elementary School! If you would like Ronelle, Erika, Warren or me to visit your school, send me an email at

— Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman