Today was a great day to head south on the Turnpike to Sumner County and visit with the Lions Club of Wellington.

After club business, I was asked to give a talk to this wonderful group. We discussed notable Kansas tornadoes in the 1950s. This included Udall, the Ruskin Heights Tornado in Kansas City that started on the Kansas side and the El Dorado Tornado in 1958. These tornadoes started the shift to accurate tornado warnings and how technology evolved over the last several decades.

I also discussed the path I took in meteorology and how that brought me back home to Wichita.

Plus, I caught up with a meteorologist in the making, Reed. I spoke to his class at Washington Elementary School in Wellington earlier this year. He still remembers everything we discussed and how to stay safe from storms.

Thank you Wellington Lions Club for having me out!

–Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman