This week is National Skilled Nursing Care Week. It runs through Saturday. This is a time to celebrate the essential role skilled nursing care centers and staff play in creating and nurturing connections in the community for their residents.

Temperatures this week have been hotter than normal for this time in May, with added humidity and stronger winds. It did not stop this crowd at Wheatlands Health Care Center from coming out to say “hello” and discuss the weather. We had a great time under the awning, away from the sunshine in Kingman.

Today I took Storm Tracker 3 west to give these residents a peek inside.

We discussed what a meteorologist does in a day, plus they had a lot of great questions related to how watches and warnings are issued.

The recent Andover Tornado was top of mind. The staff let me know that the residents here are well-protected in times of severe weather. They have a tornado shelter designed specifically for them, which they say is made of reinforced concrete.

It was a great time. Thank you, Wheatlands Health Care Center in Kingman! If you would like Ronelle, Erika, Warren or me to visit your school, send me an email to

— Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman