School Closings Registration

Our school closing operation is a secure system accessible only by superintendents or their designee. For more information on this system, please call (316) 292-1111 during regular business hours.

Church and Business Closings

NOTE: Before attempting to use our system, we ask that your church or business be one that affects a large number of people who would be difficult for you to reach. We do work to accommodate requests, but on heavy volume closing days, we must prioritize by need.

Other Organizations

If you are a member of another organization that has a small group of people involved, please consider utilizing a phone tree to contact your members. On busy closings days, our closings system can get over a thousand listings and it’s difficult to accommodate small groups.

To submit your closing, please fill out the form below. If you have problems with the form, you can call (316) 292-1111.

(NOTE: School closings are not accepted through this form! See above. Small business and church closings will be displayed online only, except for Sundays)

Now tell us a little about yourself in case we have any questions