We have another nice day ahead. Winds will continue to be tame and a southerly direction will help us warm nicely after a cold morning. Highs will easily reach the 50s with a few milder 60s mixed in.

For anyone who will be traveling today for the holiday, high pressure continues to hold strong in the region so weather worries will continue to be at a minimum for Tuesday. This holds true for much of the country too.

We have more mild days ahead. Even our cooler days the rest of this week will not be as bad as the chill we had to endure last week. The dip in temperatures after mid-week will be associated with our next system.

Just ahead of it, you will begin to notice a stronger breeze and building clouds Wednesday. Most of the day will still be in decent shape for holiday travel. As clouds build there will be some moisture that develops too, mainly between our Southwest and Central Kansas counties and especially after dark.

Thanksgiving will start with a chance for spotty showers but downpours and severe weather are not expected. In addition to the rain chance you will also notice a stronger wind shift back out of the north.

As cooler air begins to spill back into the area there could be a rain/snow shower to the west. Between the wind and showers, we will need to monitor our roads and travel. Hopefully everyone will reach their destination before the holiday.

An area of low pressure will attempt to spin some moisture into the Sunflower State Friday into Saturday. There is still time for the forecast to change as even the slightest shift in this system will determine who sees wet/wintry weather and when.

So far, it is looking like conditions will turn drier after Saturday. It will be a nice and mild return to work and school for everyone after the holiday break.

KSN Storm Track 3 Forecast from Meteorologist Ronelle Williams:     


Today: Mostly sunny. Hi: 58 Wind: S 8-18

Tonight: Mostly clear to partly cloudy. Lo: 35 Wind: S 5-15

Tomorrow: Partly to mostly cloudy, breezy. 10% chance of rain. Hi: 58 Wind: S 10-20

Tomorrow Night: Mostly cloudy. 20% chance of rain. Lo: 39 Wind: S 5-15

Wichita Weekly

Thu: Hi: 50 Lo: 32 Mostly cloudy, breezy. 20% chance of rain.

Fri: Hi: 50 Lo: 31 Partly cloudy, breezy.

Sat: Hi: 54 Lo: 34 Partly cloudy. 10% chance of rain.

Sun: Hi: 52 Lo: 30 Partly cloudy, breezy.  

Mon: Hi: 57 Lo: 32 Partly cloudy, windy.

Tue: Hi: 61 Lo: 36 Partly cloudy, breezy.