On Ronelle’s Radar: Severe chances increase late Friday, Saturday

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Today’s the day, the start of an active stretch that lasts all the way into next week. However, there won’t be much activity on Storm Tracker Radar until we get into the afternoon and evening.

So the morning hours will just be gusty, mild, and partly cloudy. We’ll warm back up into the 80s for another summer-feel to start the weekend.

Between 12pm and 2pm there could be an isolated shower or storm in Western Kansas but chances for that look low. After 3pm is when strong to severe storms will start to fire in Western Kansas.

Isolated tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds are all possible. Strong to severe storms will start to drift into North Central Kansas during the evening.

Storms should lose their punch after midnight but a shower or storm during the overnight is still possible in the Wichita Metro. Once storms clear out of Western Kansas, cooler air will start to be pulled in which will drop lows into the 40s and 50s for this part of the state.

While a leftover shower or storm is possible early Saturday morning in Central and Eastern Kansas our attention will need to shift to the afternoon and evening. As early as 11am we could start to see our next batch of storms develop in South Central and Southeastern Kansas.

Storms will blossom during the afternoon and these could be strong to severe with all forms of severe weather being possible.

There will still be some spotty showers and storms in Western Kansas too but the severe threat will shift into more of Central and Eastern Kansas. Active weather continues through the evening and storms should lose their punch by the overnight.

While some leftovers are possible early Sunday morning the rest of the day won’t be as stormy and severe weather isn’t expected. Between Friday and Saturday as much as 1″ to 1.5″ of rain is possible, especially in Central and Eastern Kansas.

Between Monday and Tuesday another 2″ to 4″ of rain is possible so while some strong storms could still be around, potential flooding will get thrown into the mix of threats. We’ll need to monitor river and creek levels early next week. Spotty storm chances will linger through late next week but conditions don’t look as active after Tuesday.

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