Temperatures are not too bad this morning thanks to a southerly breeze. Everyone will stay well above freezing to start the day and there will be a milder feel to the air. Highs will be warmer than average and many cities will be a degree or two shy of 80.

One of the reasons why it will be so warm is because our winds will be out of the south. They will be stronger today too. Gusts could reach 35 to 40 mph which has prompted a Wind Advisory for a handful of our Central Kansas counties.

Windy, warm, and dry conditions will mean high fire danger again. Fire Weather Warnings will be in effect to the west during the afternoon and evening hours. We know how dry it has been so the rest of the area should also avoid outdoor burning.

Even though skies continue to stay dry you will notice a few more clouds moving in today as the area turns partly cloudy. Our next system will be on the approach and bring us even more clouds Thursday as high pressure shifts east.

Mostly cloudy conditions Thursday will turn into a chance of rain. Most of us will stay dry during the day on Thursday even though a late-day shower cannot be completely ruled out. Rain chances will begin to rise by evening.

Please be weather aware. Showers and storms will blossom through the rest of the evening after sundown and into the overnight. It is important that everyone has more than one way to receive weather alerts since storms may hold off until many of us are sleeping.

Thursday night into early Friday is when a few strong to severe storms will be possible and all forms of severe weather will be on the table, including a tornado or two. Please continue to stay tuned for more updates regarding this severe risk. To the northwest, temperatures will fall close to freezing. If there is any moisture available then we could be looking at our first rain/snow mix of the season. Any wintry weather should not accumulate.

Once the front pushes all the way through there will be a significant drop in high temperatures to wrap up the week. Wichita will dip to average 60s but Northwest Kansas and Southwest Nebraska will fall all the way down into the 40s.

Friday will likely start stormy, especially between Central and Eastern Kansas. As the front slowly progresses east we will need to monitor storms through Friday.

There will be an isolated severe storm risk through Friday between South Central and Eastern Kansas. Keep in mind that heavy rainfall will also accompany storms the next few days.

While some rain and rumbles will linger through Saturday, it will not be a washout as this next system gradually pulls away from us. Temperatures will rebound but they will still be close to normal. Conditions are looking quiet into next week with the exception of breezy winds.

KSN Storm Track 3 Forecast from Meteorologist Ronelle Williams:     


Today: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy, windy. Hi: 77 Wind: S 15-25

Tonight: Partly cloudy, windy. Lo: 59 Wind: S 10-25

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, windy. Hi: 75 Wind: S 10-25

Tomorrow Night: Mostly cloudy, windy. 30% chance of showers and storms. Lo: 59 Wind: S 10-25

Wichita Weekly

Fri: Hi: 65 Lo: 40 Mostly cloudy, breezy. 80% chance of showers and storms.

Sat: Hi: 63 Lo: 44 Mostly to partly cloudy, breezy. 50% chance of showers and storms.

Sun: Hi: 67 Lo: 46 Partly cloudy, breezy.  

Mon: Hi: 68 Lo: 50 Partly cloudy, breezy.

Tue: Hi: 68 Lo: 48 Partly cloudy, windy.

Wed: Hi: 70 Lo: 49 Partly cloudy, breezy.