We are about to go through weather whiplash the next 24 hours.  South central Kansas will make it over 50 degrees today ahead of the Arctic front coming through later in the day. Saturday will be a day that will show a drastic difference from those ahead of the boundary to those behind it.  Wichita, southcentral and southeastern Kansas will have the warmest temps of the day with the northwest the coldest.  Once the winds switch around, you will hear it and definitely feel it as temps crash. 

Western and northern Kansas see the front come through earlier leading to falling temperatures. There is the chance for some light snow developing in northwest Kansas as clouds increase today.

The Arctic front will push through all of Kansas by early this evening with a weak upper level disturbance bringing light snow to parts of the northwest half of the state.

Winds will be gusty Saturday night into Sunday with clouds building in along and behind the Arctic front. A wind chill advisory is now in effect for much of northern and western Kansas from late this afternoon and continue through Monday morning.

Temperatures will be downright frigid Sunday.  Highs will not even come close to freezing with enough of a northerly wind to make it feel below zero, dangerously cold. 

With the AFC Championship expected to kickoff around 5:30 PM Sunday from Arrowhead, layer up!  Temps will be in the lower to middle 20s.  Winds will be brisk making it feel like 10-15 degrees.  Moisture does not look that impressive, but a flurry cannot be ruled out as clouds fill the sky above the stadium. 

Temperatures into Monday stay in the freezer.  There is a little backing off of the cold by Tuesday.  At the same time, we will be tracking another storm system that will drive through the South Plains.  We look to get clipped by this.  Depending on how far south it tracks, we might get robbed. 

At least temperatures will be less harsh, but still not to the potential they should be for this time of year.  Another jump in temps looks likely a few days after the start of February at the end of next week.  Moisture remains slim at this time. 

1/28/23 KSN Storm Track 3 Forecast from Meteorologist Jack Boston:     


Today: Partly cloudy, breezy. Hi: 51 Wind: SW/N 10-20
Tonight: Mostly cloudy, windy. 10% chance of snow. Lo: 13 Wind: NE 15-30
Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, windy. Hi: 24 Wind: N 10-25
Tomorrow night: Mostly cloudy, breezy. Lo: 10 Wind: N/NE 10-20

Wichita Weekly

Mon: Hi: 21 Lo: 13 Mostly cloudy, breezy.
Tue: Hi: 29 Lo: 18 Mostly cloudy. 20% chance of snow.
Wed: Hi: 39 Lo: 19 Partly to mostly cloudy.
Thu: Hi: 40 Lo: 21 Partly cloudy.
Fri: Hi: 50 Lo: 29 Partly cloudy.
Sat: Hi: 52 Lo: 29 Partly to mostly cloudy, breezy.

Meteorologist Jack Boston