Strong winds kicked up dust in western Kansas this evening. Visibility was limited across much of the west half of the state.

Blowing Dust Warnings and Blowing Dust Advisories stay in place for Southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle through 7 PM this evening. Strong winds will continue to pick up dust and cause visibility issues for the next few hours.

The cold front that is the culprit behind today’s forecast is cutting the state in half and ushering in cooler temperatures for those in the northwestern corner of the region. As the front slides east, cold air will drop temperatures into the teens overnight.

Strong winds have been the trend both ahead of and behind the front. The strongest gusts we have seen today have been in Dodge City with 64 MPH wind gusts and McCook with 60 MPH wind gusts this afternoon.

High Wind Warnings are in place for eastern Kansas through 7 PM, and Wind Advisories are in place for western Kansas through midnight.

This is because gusts will continue to be strong as the cold front continues on its trek across the state. Winds will gust over 40 MPH through the rest of the evening. Eventually, we will see things relax by the start of Saturday.

Temperatures will be around 30 degrees cooler for our Saturday as highs only reach into the low 40s across the region. This will be a bit of a shock to the system after today’s warm temps. A mix of clouds and sunshine will dominate the skies.

Temperatures will slowly recover as we head into the start of the week. We climb toward our seasonal average on Sunda and even reach the upper 50s by Monday. We settle into the mid-40s for the rest of the week as a December-like feel finally takes over the forecast as we look ahead toward next weekend.

KSN Storm Track 3 Forecast from Meteorologist Lucy Doll:     

Tonight: Partly cloudy, windy. Lo: 26 Wind: NW/N 15-30
Tomorrow: Partly cloudy. Hi: 41 Wind: N/S 5-15
Tomorrow Night: Partly cloudy. Lo: 30 Wind: S 5-15

Wichita Weekly
Sun: Hi: 48 Lo: 37 Mostly cloudy, breezy.
Mon: Hi: 57 Lo: 31 Partly cloudy, breezy.
Tue: Hi: 43 Lo: 28 Partly cloudy.
Wed: Hi: 44 Lo: 29 Partly cloudy. 10% chance of rain and snow.
Thu: Hi: 45 Lo: 28 Partly cloudy, breezy.
Fri: Hi: 45 Lo: 27 Partly cloudy, breezy.

-Meteorologist Lucy Doll