Be ready for a much colder start to the day now that a cold front has completed its passage.

Winds are not too strong but are enough to bring wind chills down to the single digits. This frigid morning will lead to a chilly afternoon with highs in the 30s and 40s. One or two spots could sneak into the 50s farther south.

Skies to start the day will be mostly cloudy but gradually turn sunny before the day is over. There is also a chance for a snow shower to the north and northeast later this morning and into the early part of the afternoon but little to no accumulation is expected. There could be some raindrops that skim Southeast Kansas but they will miss our area.

Clear skies and light winds tonight will help temperatures turn frigid again. Lows will be in the teens to the 20s.

We will dig ourselves out of the freezer as highs rebound through the 50s the next couple of days but an even bigger drop in our temperatures is expected right after that once we get into the new year. We have a bitter weekend ahead.

A powerful system will move into the Plains into the start of the weekend and drag this bitter air into the region. First, our winds will pick up Friday.

Most of Friday will stay dry but once we get into the evening, some snow to the northwest and rain to the southeast will begin to develop. Rain to the southeast will turn into a rain/snow mix as temperatures drop below freezing.

High temperatures New Years Day will be well below freezing across the area, so if there is any moisture around it will likely be in the form of snow. Anyone that plans to be on the roads this weekend needs to keep a close eye on the forecast.

The track, duration, and coverage of this event have still been shifting so be sure to stay tuned for more updates. After Saturday, we will have to wait a little while for more moisture while we gradually dig ourselves out of the freezer.