Christmas is days away along with a major warm-up! 

First we have a couple of cold fronts cruising through town.  Both come through dry.  The first Monday will have little change to our daytime high temperatures and offer up more of a temporary wind shift from the northerly direction.  

We see a noticeable difference from the northern part of the state to the south when it comes to temperatures. Overnight lows into Tuesday will return to the freezer before we warm ahead of the next frontal passage. 

This cold front Tuesday will bring a few more clouds to the region before clearing out the middle of the week.  This front will also not affect temperatures in a big way as highs will remain in the 50s with a few 60s to the west. 

More 50s and 60s for Wednesday followed by widespread 60s to greet any last minute shoppers Thursday before a jump for Christmas Eve.  Temperatures this Friday will be in the 60s and 70s. Parts of Oklahoma will warm to the 80s! Before dawn on Friday, winds will become a nuisance especially farther south and west.  As dry as it is with gusts between 40 to 50 MPH, if not locally higher, to the southwest and across the state line into the Oklahoma Panhandle, we will need to monitor for any wildfires.  The window for extreme wind gusts will not last as long as last week’s historic system and reports will be spotty instead of widespread.  

By Christmas, another front will sweep through the region.  Temperatures will dip briefly before transitioning milder  We will flirt with the warmth before a stronger cold front arrives before the start of the New Year resetting our temperatures once again. 

No rain in sight over the weekend.  However, early next week a system forming farther south may gel close enough to produce rain showers from central into eastern Kansas.  Amounts are not much to write home about during the December 27-29 timeframe.  Still no signs of rain relief for western Kansas the remainder of the year.

–Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman