This cold front takes a toll on our temperatures tonight. Those in northwest Kansas will be downright cold into the single digits. The rest of us in the teens and 20s. 

Elevated fire danger remains in place across far southwestern Kansas tonight as winds stay persistent out of the north.

Expect some chilly air on Wednesday with highs into the 30s and lower 40s. This is right around average for this time of year. Then our temperature roller coaster continues as some 50s return to the forecast for Thursday and Friday. 

A quick moving disturbance could bring a few flurries to parts of far northeast Kansas Wednesday morning. I am not expecting much from this.

We continue to keep an eye on a potential storm system starting late Friday into Saturday. Those in western Kansas could see some rain and snow first Friday night before moving east Saturday. Our temperatures will be a big factor. If the track shifts a little farther north, that means warmer air and more rain for the state. A farther south track could bring more snow to the state. It is only Tuesday, so we will iron out those details over the next few days. Just know, travel across Kansas could be impacted a bit Saturday as some snow is possible. Please keep in mind, this track can and will change. That is just how the atmosphere works when you are still a few days out.

Regardless of where the precipitation falls, it will be cold into the weekend. Highs into the 20s on Saturday and then Sunday morning most of us will see single digits. Get those heavy coats out and ready as it has been so warm lately.

-Meteorologist Warren Sears