A small area of light snow was picked up on radar Tuesday morning. Due to incredibly dry air at the surface, most of the flurries were able to evaporate before they even reached the ground. Aside from that, we have an uptick in cloud coverage today, but afternoon highs will be a few degrees warmer. Expect 40s for most with a few lower 50 degree readings in southwest Kansas.

Those in southwest Kansas will be a touch warmer as a bit more sunshine is expected out that way. We should all hopefully see a decrease in cloud coverage by this evening.

This is a gradual warming trend we are on, gearing up for the 50s on Wednesday and then back to the 60s for Thursday and Friday! If you are not loving these chilly temperatures, wait a day and we will be back above average. Winds stay out of the south for this warmer stint, but they will turn gusty at times. It is a small trade off for warmer air.

If you need rain, I have some bad new for you. This week looks like it is going to stay bone dry. Those in western Kansas are in a significant drought.

Far northwestern Kansas does have a slim chance come Friday along an advancing cold front. We could potentially see a little rain and snow mix across northwest Kansas and southwest Nebraska. There have been many shifts to this pattern, so we will keep an eye on Friday. Most of the state comes through untouched.

That cold front mentioned above will do a number on all of our temperatures for Saturday. We will go from the 60s to the 40s for afternoon highs. It is brief as our temperature roller coaster continues. Expect some 50s back by Sunday and Monday of next week.

Quite the active stretch of temperature changes! – Meteorologist Warren Sears