The National Weather Service in Goodland confirmed that a weak, EF-0 tornado with winds of 85 MPH touched down on the southern side of Sharon Springs yesterday evening.

This was one of several tornadoes reported Tuesday night as storms raced across the state. Other storm surveys are underway from reports received last night. Dodge City National Weather Service expects to release their storm surveys Thursday or Friday.

Today, in contrast, was much quieter across Kansas with a return to sunshine as the storm system continued to lift to the north.  

Overnight, we will watch for frost to the northwest where skies stay clear until after dawn.  Expect lows tonight to return to the 30s and 40s with the 50s farther southeast.

A Frost Advisory goes into effect at 1 AM through 10 AM Thursday.  

This is a sign of the season and a touch later than average for those folks.  Daytime highs will be impacted by clouds and showers. More sunshine will result in warmer conditions.

Farther southeast there will be an increase in cloud cover, especially near and east of the Turnpike as a disturbance glides past us to the south.

Scattered showers will develop primarily for central and eastern Kansas into Thursday afternoon.  

Once the atmosphere heats up, enough instability might also lead to a clap of thunder to the southeast.  We are not anticipating anything severe.

Any rain departs Thursday night.  

Once again, frosty temps in the 30s will greet areas farther northwest.  There may be a little leftover moisture, resulting in a random sprinkle or shower out west into Friday morning.  Cool comfort for the rest of the state.  

We will have more sunshine for the weekend with delightful afternoon highs.  We may get a bounce to the 80s out west next Tuesday before another cold front tracks through the region.  Looks like moisture will be meager with a mainly dry passage.

— Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman