Sunshine continues to pave the way for unseasonably temperatures the next several days. Some locations across Kansas were able to tie or break record high temperatures this afternoon.

This mild stretch of temperatures will have some ups and downs as we watch for a couple of cold fronts to sweep through. The first of these fronts arrives this evening.

Temperatures will dip into the 30s and 40s overnight.

This front will have very little in the way of rainfall associated with it. A few clouds will mix in by sunrise Tuesday.

Any rain that develops will fall through a very dry layer of air close to the surface which will evaporate any rain that develops leaving us dry.

Expect temperatures to drop on the other side of this front into the 50s and 60s for daytime highs.

As winds turn back out of the south on Wednesday, this will bring another surge in temperatures through the end of the work week. Our pattern will keep cold air bottled up to the northeast allowing more warmth in through the end of the week.

Temperatures Thursday afternoon will be back into the 70s before temperatures start to dip headed into the weekend. Another front is in line for Friday. This front will usher in some cooler temperatures by the weekend with daytime highs into the 50s, which is closer to average for this time of the year.

As it will be the case with Tuesday’s front, there will be just enough moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere to generate a few clouds, but moisture in terms of rain chances does not look likely for our area. Better dynamics for this system come together east of Kansas leaving us dry through the forecast period.

— Meteorologist Erika Paige