Our dog days of summer continue for the upcoming weekend. Most of us will see afternoon highs in the 90s and lower 100s. Expect a mostly sunny sky with moderate humidity across central and eastern Kansas. Dew points will hover in the 60s and lower 70s.

Because of this increased moisture, our feels like temperatures in northeast and north central Kansas could touch the 100 to 105 degree mark. This has prompted Heat Advisories for these areas. Avoid outdoor activities during the peak heating hours (12-5 PM) if possible.

You will also notice a bit of haziness to the sky today thanks to wildfire smoke in our atmosphere. These fires in the desert southwest (Arizona and New Mexico) are large and depositing a good deal of smoke in our direction thanks to the upper level winds.

A random bubble up storm is possible to the southeast this evening, but most stay dry. If a storm gets going, severe weather is not expected. The better chance comes later in the day Sunday. Pop-corn variety showers and storms are possible across western and central Kansas late afternoon into the early evening. These will likely be driven thanks to the heat and humidity. Severe weather also not expected.

The overall pattern continues to funnel in extreme heat for the upcoming week. We will also watch a few different disturbances Monday evening through Wednesday. This is not a washout by any means, but the atmosphere does become a bit more active.

KSN Storm Track 3 Forecast from Meteorologist Warren Sears:     

Today: Mostly sunny. Hi: 95 Wind: S/SE 8-18
Tonight: Mostly clear to partly cloudy. 10% chance of an isolated shower or storm. Lo: 73 Wind: SE 8-18
Tomorrow: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy, breezy. 10% chance of a shower or storm. Hi: 92 Wind: S 10-20
Tomorrow Night: Partly cloudy. 10% chance of a shower or storm. Lo: 72 Wind: S/SE 8-18

Wichita Weekly
Mon: Hi: 96 Lo: 74 Partly cloudy, windy.
Tue: Hi: 98 Lo: 72 Partly cloudy. 20% chance of showers and storms.
Wed: Hi: 96 Lo: 72 Partly cloudy. 10% chance of a shower or storm.
Thu: Hi: 96 Lo: 74 Partly cloudy. 10% chance of a shower or storm.
Fri: Hi: 95 Lo: 73 Partly cloudy, breezy.
Sat: Hi: 96 Lo: 72 Partly cloudy, breezy.

-Meteorologist Warren Sears