A mild start to our Saturday turns into a downright hot afternoon. All of us in the state will make a run at the triple digits yet again. Any outdoor plans today will be best in morning or late evening as dangerous heat is in play this afternoon. Expect highs in the triple digits with some spots across north central/northwest Kansas as hot as 105+.

Because of this dangerous heat, we have heat advisories in place for a good chunk of the state for Saturday. Those in the southern half of Kansas will have heat advisories again for Sunday, but those to the north start to tap in to a little bit of relief.

Later Saturday afternoon we will turn our attention to northwest Kansas where a few storms could bubble up along an approaching front. Like recent days, coverage looks rather spotty.

If a storm gets going in your area, we do need to watch for a cell or two to become strong/severe into the evening. Coverage will spread from west to east.

We keep a few of those showers and storms overnight as well. Western Kansas, do not expect to fix your drought with one of these cells, but it could be a nice start with heavy downpours. Again, these cells will be rather small, so some will miss out on rain.

The front that begins to slide through on Sunday will also help initiate a few random showers and storms during the day. Those to the south in the lower 100s again, like Wichita, but some 90s are expected along and north of I-70.

Keep your fingers crossed, it looks like a larger area of showers and storms will greet western Kansas later Sunday night. The way it looks now, this could provide a larger area with some beneficial rainfall.

Our highs in southern Kansas continue to bake through Tuesday, however, a big change is on the way for the middle and end of next week. Spoiler alert, we just worked some upper 80s back into the forecast!

With this comes a bit of an unsettled pattern. If your yard is dry, which is all of us, there will be random and spotty rain chances at different times in different parts of the state through next Friday. We will keep chances around, especially in the evenings. This is not a washout by any means, but the pattern warrants a chance for a shower or storm each day.

KSN Storm Track 3 Forecast from Meteorologist Warren Sears:     

Today: Mostly sunny, windy. Hi: 103 Wind: S 10-25
Tonight: Partly cloudy. Lo: 77 Wind: S 8-18
Tomorrow: Partly cloudy. 10% chance of a shower or storm. Hi: 103 Wind: S 8-18
Tomorrow Night: Partly cloudy. 10% chance of a shower or storm. Lo: 77 Wind: SE 5-15

Wichita Weekly
Mon: Hi: 100 Lo: 77 Partly cloudy, breezy. 10% chance of a shower or storm.
Tue: Hi: 101 Lo: 78 Partly cloudy, breezy. 10% chance of a shower or storm.
Wed: Hi: 97 Lo: 73 Partly cloudy, breezy. 20% chance of a shower or storm.
Thu: Hi: 91 Lo: 70 Partly cloudy. 10% chance of a shower or storm.
Fri: Hi: 88 Lo: 70 Partly cloudy. 10% chance of a shower or storm.
Sat: Hi: 87 Lo: 70 Partly cloudy.

-Meteorologist Warren Sears