You may have woken up today to see more of that blue sky filtered out due to smoke from wildfires occurring across the western United States.

This hazy sky will stick with us until we can move a center of high pressure farther to the east to help shift the thicker concentration of smoke eastward by the end of the week.

The smoke is going to have an impact all across Kansas in terms of air quality. At this time, folks with sensitive respiratory concerns are advised to limit time outdoors due to the smoke that sits suspended in our atmosphere.

Despite the haze that lingers in our sky, there is plenty of sunshine out there today. We will see daytime highs make a return to the 80s and 90s this afternoon, but it will likely be the last relatively cooler day that we have on hand for the next several days.

Tonight, temperatures return to the 60s, but we will see a quick bounce back into the 70s as we head into the weekend for overnight lows.

As high pressure takes a firm grip by the end of the week it helps to not only ensure more sunshine, but that temperatures will start to climb back to seasonable levels with little in the way of relief from the summertime heat in sight.

The humidity will also be something to contend with by the weekend for folks generally along and east of I-135 as the smoke clears and moisture starts to build back into the Sunflower State.

Added moisture will increase cloud cover a bit more this weekend. As a storm system passes through the Northern Plains it may try to dip a few sprinkles closer to Kansas to the north, but the vast majority are expected to remain dry into early next week.

— Meteorologist Erika Paige