As a stronger breeze kicks in out of the south, cold air will start to loosen its grip on the area. Many afternoon highs will return to the 50s with a few 60s mixed in.

Skies will continue to stay dry and partly cloudy. There is a cluster of rain and snow to our south that will attempt to skim our Oklahoma Panhandle counties early in the day but most of us will stay dry.

Think of our temperatures the next couple of days as a pendulum. We will continue to swing in a warmer direction through the middle of the week but then we will swing in a colder direction right after that as a potent cold front plows through the Sunflower State Thursday.

After sundown Wednesday, moisture will begin to move in. Mainly to the northwest and in the form of rain.

Rain will blossom across more of the area through the night and into Thursday morning. As temperatures fall during the night there will be some snow that starts to mix with the rain to the northwest.

Colder, windy, and damp conditions will not make for the best travel across the area Thursday. Since some snow could still mix in to the north and west, we will need to monitor the potential for slick spots.

This will not be a drought busting system but at this point we just need to take what we can get, which could include some light snow accumulations through Thursday night.

Most of this moisture will move out by Friday but we will be left with colder air in the wake of this system. The chill will linger through the weekend and into the start of next week.

KSN Storm Track 3 Forecast from Meteorologist Ronelle Williams:     


Today: Partly cloudy, windy. Hi: 52 Wind: SE/S 10-25

Tonight: Partly cloudy, windy. Lo: 37 Wind: S 10-25

Tomorrow: Partly to mostly cloudy, windy. Hi: 66 Wind: S 15-30

Tomorrow Night: Mostly cloudy, windy. 30% chance of rain. Lo: 54 Wind: S 10-25

Wichita Weekly

Thu: Hi: 62 Lo: 25 Mostly cloudy, windy. 60% chance of rain.

Fri: Hi: 43 Lo: 21 Partly cloudy, windy. 10% chance of rain.

Sat: Hi: 43 Lo: 21 Partly cloudy, breezy.

Sun: Hi: 47 Lo: 27 Partly cloudy, breezy.

Mon: Hi: 50 Lo: 30 Partly cloudy, windy.

Tue: Hi: 49 Lo: 29 Partly cloudy, breezy.