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Western's Weather Wrap: Rainy & Chilly Weekend

Our latest drought monitor was updated yesterday, and although not much has changed over the past week, we are still in desperate need of some moisture, particularly for southern Kansas.

And thankfully, that's exactly what's on the way for the weekend. However, note that we are quiet this morning, with our storm system still off to the west. But just wait... I promise, the rain is on its way! And thankfully with no wintry weather or severe weather - just nice, steady rainfall!

Expect widespread showers and a few storms to expand across the western half of the state today, keeping temperatures cool. For Wichita, rain isn't expected to get here until after dark, keeping today mild and windy.

Then, all of Kansas gets a taste of the rain and thunder overnight tonight, along with cloudy skies and chilly temperatures.

Light to moderate rain showers with a few rumbles will continue all day Saturday, before exiting to the east by Sunday morning. And our rainfall totals are looking great: 0.25-0.50" widespread across the state, with isolated areas, particularly in western and southern Kansas, up to 1"! We'll take whatever we can get...

And I'll be timing this weekend rain out for you on Stormcast all morning on Kansas Today!

~Katie the Weather Lady

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