Conditions remain unsettled as a front sits over the area. It will help spark more showers and storms today. Even if it is dry where you are this morning, you will still want to grab the rain jacket and umbrella before heading out.

Expected rainfall could be heavy at times and will be on and off in nature. This will continue flooding concerns and aggravate swollen creeks, rivers, and streams.

The highest radar estimated rainfall totals over the last 24 hours favor South Central and Eastern Kansas.

There will be another uptick in moisture between this morning and into the afternoon. Severe weather is not expected. Conditions will not begin to dry out until we get into the evening.

A combination of clouds, rain, and a northerly breeze will drop highs well below normal into the 50s and 60s when we should be in the 80s for this time of year.

Thursday will be much drier and temperatures will begin to rebound into the 70s. We will return to the 80s by the weekend.

There is a small chance of a shower or storm Thursday night to the west and southwest. Severe weather is not expected.

Most of us will continue to stay dry Friday but conditions will still be at least slightly unsettled. A few late day storms develop over Colorado and move into Western Kansas. We will need to watch out for the potential of a stronger storm capable of hail and wind to the northwest and southwest.

A chance of rain and rumbles closer to Wichita should hold off until Friday night into Saturday which means conditions are still looking fair for the start of Riverfest and the Sundown Parade. The weekend does not look like a washout but showers and storms could be around at times.

KSN Storm Track 3 Forecast from Meteorologist Ronelle Williams:     


Today: Mostly cloudy, breezy. 80% chance of showers and storms. Hi: 64 Wind: NE/N 10-20

Tonight: Mostly cloudy. 40% chance of showers and storms. Lo: 50 Wind: N 5-15

Tomorrow: Mostly to partly cloudy. 10% chance of showers and storms. Hi: 74 Wind: N/E 5-15

Tomorrow Night: Partly cloudy. Lo: 54 Wind: E/S 5-15

Wichita Weekly

Fri: Hi: 78 Lo: 62 Partly cloudy.

Sat: Hi: 82 Lo: 65 Mostly cloudy, breezy. 20% chance of showers and storms.

Sun: Hi: 84 Lo: 67 Mostly to partly cloudy, breezy. 10% chance of showers and storms.

Mon: Hi: 84 Lo: 66 Partly cloudy, breezy. 10% chance of showers and storms.

Tue: Hi: 80 Lo: 60 Partly cloudy, breezy.

Wed: Hi: 78 Lo: 59 Partly cloudy, breezy.