ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — Butler County Emergency Management has said that around 1,000 structures have been damaged as a result of a tornado that ripped through Andover on Friday evening.

One of those structures was the home of Kloey Valentine’s family, who just moved to the community recently.

Seven days ago.

Valentine said just when they had started to feel at home, unpacking all of their belongings and figuring out everyday routines, the tornado struck.

“I remember my stepdad saying, ‘it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming,'” Valentine said. “And so, we were waiting and my ears started popping and the whole house started shaking and you could hear everything just falling and breaking.”

It all happened so fast, according to Valentine. The only thing she remembers is running to find her dog as he had ran off moments before the tornado hit.

“I used to joke about tornadoes,” Valentine said. “I used to like the exciting feeling but now I know this isn’t something to joke about. It’s really scary.”

She said that others in her communities broke open their windows and pulled them out, and they are just glad they are all safe.

As of now, Valentine and her family are gathering what they can from their home, and trying to figure out a plan for their next steps.