ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — More than a week after a devastating EF-3 tornado hit the city of Andover, several residents and volunteers spent their Saturday lending a helping hand however they could.

“A lot of houses got taken down almost completely — there aren’t a lot of work orders left for us to complete,” Lead Pastor David LeMonnier with Epic Church said.

Pastor LeMonnier says as the need for cleanup crews goes down, the need for contractors and roofers goes up. So far, he’s heard from at least six residents who can’t get the help they need.

“What we’ve heard more of are people waiting for contractors to come out, roofers to come out, and then either getting ghosted or just keep getting pushed back,” LeMonnier said.

Experts say residents who have lost cars (or have primarily suffered hail damage) but have not been displaced will most likely have to wait even longer for services.

“There are some people that have been displaced from their homes, and the insurance carriers are really going to take that information, and they’re going to use it as a priority. They’re going to look at the most important ones first,” Shannon Stiles, an agency relations manager with 316 Insurance Group, said.

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Kim Schmidt says to be wary of anyone who promises you an easy fix, especially if it’s unsolicited.

“You don’t want people to knock on your door and talk you into a contract,” Schmidt said. “I understand that certainly in the midst of a disaster like this, everybody wants their property fixed back up quickly — be careful when you’re looking at your repairs.”

Experts also say for any service agreement, be sure to obtain a copy of that agreement (or an invoice) in writing before that service is rendered.