ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — For almost a year, Carol Barker has been trying to get debris from the 2022 Andover tornado removed from a field right next to her property to no avail.

“I used to sit out here ‘cuz it was so peaceful, and now, it’s just a mess, and it’s like a dumping ground,” Barker said.

She and her husband moved to Andover three years ago to be closer to family. The couple were home when the tornado touched down, and, like the rest of the community, they did their part to support those most impacted. Now, they say they don’t feel supported by those they say should help them remove the debris piles across their property line.

“I’ve called the city, I’ve called the county … Evergy, I’ve talked to FEMA — there’s just nobody [who] will help clean it up,” Barker said.

Barker says some of the debris comes from an Evergy cleanup effort on the adjacent property. Since that property is outside city limits, Barker says the City of Andover referred her to Butler County.

After she sent in a formal complaint to the county, she says the county did attempt to send a letter to the property owner. However, that letter came back “undeliverable.”

“I don’t know where to go from here,” Barker said. “We’re Andover strong, but Andover’s not being strong for us and these other families that look at this out their back patios.”

According to the Butler County GIS Property Ownership website, the property in question is owned by an LLC with a mailing address in Andover. However, according to the Kansas Secretary of State, the mailing address of that LLC is actually in Wichita.

Meanwhile, an Evergy spokesperson says damaged electrical equipment was left in the area. While the company plans to send a team to pick it up Monday, a statement from the spokesperson went on to say in part: “Only a small amount of the debris is related to Evergy … we will promptly take care of it, but most of the cleanup on the site is not our responsibility.”

Both the Butler County Administrator and a City of Andover spokesperson say they are looking into the situation. KSN News also reached out to the owner of the adjacent property and is waiting to hear back.