WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Delivery workers do not get a snow day when it comes to bad weather, and this week is challenging some of the toughest postal carriers. 

Tomas Ceballos spends about 15 minutes in the cold, hops into the truck, and onto the next.

United States Postal Service Strategic Communications Specialist Mark Inglett said while it can be cold, his crews are prepared for any weather. 

“Obviously, you want to dress in layers. You want to recognize signs of frostbite, hypothermia things like that you know your body is telling you there’s something wrong so we make sure they recognize those signs well ahead of time,” said Inglett. 

Inglett said postal carriers are trained to earth healthy, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest. 

“They go out there well equipped, and they go out there educated out there so we’re in good shape and we’re ready,” said Inglett.

The United Parcel Service also pushes the envelope when it comes to training.

UPS spends $220 million a year on safety training globally. Kansan carriers apart of that get flown to Chicago to train on a ‘Slip and Fall’ machine so they know how to fall properly. 

While crews are ready for the conditions, there are ways you can help with the delivery. 

“Make sure your mailboxes have a clear path to them both on the house and on the curb, make sure we keep those pets inside, have patience, and turn porch lights on so carriers can see more clearly,” said Inglett.