WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — As the winter weather hits Kansas, different businesses are beginning to close their doors, including day cares.

Tanya Bulluck, the executive director of Child Start, encourages parents to find an alternative program because they tend to see many neglect and abuse cases in situations like this, where parents are stressed and have to lean on others.

At Child Start, they encourage parents to go online and find the best program for them based on their needs. There, parents can search based on ZIP code, income and other needs.

“It’s important not just for the health and safety but also for the child’s development,” Bulluck said. “When a child is in a high-quality program at those early years, we see those numbers in schools go up. We see less children failing, more children succeeding.”

Bulluck says child care centers are well connected, and they support one another, so if one program is closed, they try to point them in the right direction to another program.

The YMCA and Word of Life are planning to stay open Thursday.

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