ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) – On Sunday, dozens of people worked to clear their homes of debris and gather any usable items the Andover tornado left behind. Many said it is the community support that is helping them get through these tough times.

“My neighbor called my mom and she said our house is gone and the police were looking for us because they thought we, you know, we weren’t alive. So yeah, it was scary. It was a weird way to find out,” said Alex Ronk, who lost his home in the tornado. 

Ronk and his family were out of town when the tornado struck. they lost almost everything, but his spirits remain high.

“Obviously, you can see that our house has minor damage,” Ronk continued.

Before graduating last year, Ronk played for Andover Central baseball team. His former coach decided to help him and his family cover their bases.

“We got like 40 people out here so fast everything cleaned up. so just because of their help. Honestly, I love the guys before I love them so much more now. No, I really appreciate them,” added Ronk.

Countless helping hands, like David LeMonnier, and volunteers from Epic Church.

“We’ve got two stations set up at different ends of the destruction just to kind of give people breakpoints where they can go to,” said LeMonnier.

They are providing food, water, and support to those helping clean up the neighborhood.

“Well, for me, this means a lot. I lived in this community, just gosh a year ago and so for me to not be here and to watch what happened. For me I get to kind of come home and help my neighbors,” added LeMonnier.