CAMERON, Mo. (WDAF) — The tornado warnings Sunday led to damage and debris in areas northeast of Kansas City.

John Duncan said the tornado came through so quickly, his family did not have time to get in the basement.

“We were in the bedroom and I looked out the window and I saw a black cloud swirling just across the road about 100 feet from the house,” he said. “I yelled at my wife, ‘Tornado!’ and we hit the floor.”

Duncan said while they were in the bedroom taking cover they could hear the wind howling as it ripped the roof off.

“It was terrifying, it didn’t last very long,” Duncan said.

Now, all that is left of their house on Crowe Road is debris scattered throughout the property.

Almost as fast as the storm came and passed, people came to help.

As they salvage what they can, they are just thankful to be alive and to have help

“It’s a miracle to me, I couldn’t move all this stuff in a month,” Duncan said.

The family echoed how grateful they are to the people who helped them salvage what they could from the home.