MORTON COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — A community in southwest Kansas got to experience something that is usually associated with deserts and the American southwest — a haboob.

Haboobs are giant dust storms. The National Weather Service said haboobs occur due to thunderstorm outflow winds. The strong winds pick up and carry dust, reducing visibility.

On Wednesday evening, one of the dust storms swept into the Elkhart area of Morton County.

Some KSN News viewers took pictures of the storm. Matt Thomas said the wind was calm and then hit an estimated 50 mph.

KSN Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman has been reporting on the drought in southwest Kansas. She said the haboob is a “true testament of how dry it is in this part of the state.”

A thunderstorm did roll through the area after the haboob, but it did not bring much rain. Elkhart reported less than half an inch.