HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s not the supply that is an issue, but the demand for propane has been gassing up business, leaving many stores without it. 

H&S Propane is a small shop, but this week business has been busy. Owner of H&S Propane, Henry Engstrand said his business is busier than ever. 

“A lot of people running out of propane I’ve seen a lot of people’s pipes frozen up,” said Engstrand. “It’s hard to get propane, it really is, everybody is running out.”

For Engstrand, it’s one customer to the next. 

“I’ve had them come from Blackwell, Wellington, Augusta, Goddard, Maize, Rose Hill,” said Engstrand. 

Engstrand has a contract with Ferrellgas. He said he has a satellite on his propane tank, so when it gets half empty, the drivers swing by. He said others have been less fortunate.

“Tractor Supply, the Co-Op, Central was out, everybody’s out of propane all the exchange bottle places are all out, refill stations, a lot of those are out,” he said. “Mine is full and has stayed full.”

For Wichitan Tyler Skidis, it has been hard to find around town. 

“We ran out of propane, I went to Jumpstart at the gas station, just right down the road and they were completely out, so they sent me down here to him,” said Skidis. “I didn’t think they’re gonna run out of propane.”

The Kansas Propane Marketers Association vice president, Greg Noll, said the supply is available but the deliveries are a challenge. 

“The customers are using it faster because of the cold weather, they’re using it faster than the propane companies can deliver so the backlog of names has been extensive,” said Noll. “There’s a lot of people waiting.”

Noll said that also means with a high demand comes a high price.

“The demand goes up, the price related to that product increases,” said Noll. 

Noll said Governor Kelly issues an emergency order that allows drivers to work overtime, which will help the propane companies fight the demand faster.

As for Skidis, he plans to be back in Haysville for more propane tomorrow and hopes more will become available soon. 

“I hope and pray that the gas stations can restock quick enough to keep up with everything, that’s for sure,” said Skidis. 

Engstrand’s advice, call before you go.  

“Don’t just drive around. It’s a waste of gas and time,” he said.