WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Heavy rain late Tuesday night led to flash flooding in Butler, Kingman and Sedgwick County.

Numerous cars were caught in flooding in Wichita which caused them to stall out. Wichita police warned drivers at the time to stay home and not drive. The department said it was overwhelmed with calls. A spokesperson for AAA said they received about 30 calls for emergency service late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. The Wichita Fire Department shared they responded to 59 water-related calls.

Picture shows cars left on Murdock Street after flooding Tuesday night. (KSN Photo)

Early Wednesday, emergency management warned drivers to keep a lookout for abandoned cars left on city streets after the flooding. Many streets have since reopened.

Sedgwick County Emergency Management says it only takes 18 to 24 inches of moving water for cars to float. Trucks and SUVs are not much better with only 6-12 more inches of clearance.

Each year, more deaths occur due to flash flooding than from any other severe weather-related hazard according to the National Weather Service. Most flash floods are caused by slow-moving thunderstorms or thunderstorms that move over the same area one right after the other.

The KSN Storm Track 3 Weather Center is tracking more rounds of rain. If you are driving and come across water follow these rules below.


  • Do not drive through flooded areas especially at night when it is harder to gauge water depth. Consider the possibility that the roadway may have collapsed due to erosion. (You won’t be able to tell, if the road is covered by water. You also might drive into a washout.)
  • If your vehicle stalls due to water, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground. Rapidly rising water may sweep the vehicle and its occupants away.
  • Be familiar with the surrounding land features and be prepared to head for higher ground if necessary.
  • Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio and local radio and television for the latest statements, watches, and warnings concerning heavy rain and flash flooding.
  • Turn Around Don’t Drown

Cowley County Emergency Management is reporting to following road closures:

  • 61st Road between 30th and 32nd west of Rock
  • 26th Road west of Rock is closed due to high water
  • 15th Road south of 242nd Road and 51st Road south of 22nd Road are closed due to high water

Here was the list of street flooding reported by Sedgwick County Emergency Management on Tuesday night.

  • 13th and Market
  • 800 S Hillside
  • Meridian and Maple
  • Central and Oliver
  • 47th S and Woodlawn
  • 5001 E Elm St.
  • 600 N. Mathewson
  • S. Bluff Ave. and Mount Vernon
  • S Glenn Ave. and Walker Ave.
  • 300 W 31st Street South
  • Harry from Seneca to McLean
  • Gold and Benway
  • McCormick and Vine
  • 700 N. Gilda
  • Reed and Mt Vernon
  • 1200 W. 47th S.
  • 27th South and Glenn
  • 2900 W. Maple
  • 2020 N. Nelson Drive in Derby
  • Broadway and Patterson
  • 27th South and Meridian
  • 8400 E. 13th St.
  • 13th and River Boulevard
  • Pawnee and Hydraulic
  • 13th and Zoo
  • Hydraulic and Murdock
  • 119th West and 47th South
  • Meridian and Esthner
  • 4100 E. Ross Parkway
  • Harry and Oliver
  • Murdock and Washington
  • 800 W. Harry
  • Bleckley and 1st Street
  • 1200 S. Fabrique
  • Pawnee and K-42
  • George Washington Drive and Menlo
  • 31st South and Greenwich
  • MacArthur and Oliver
  • 47th South and Greenwood
  • West and Elm
  • James and Lakeview in Derby
  • 13th and Payne
  • 8300 Levitt Drive
  • 27th South and Glenn
  • 2100 S. Palisade
  • 13th and Rock
  • Oliver and MacArthur
  • 2600 E. Sennett
  • 321 W. Market in Derby
  • K-96 and Hydraulic eastbound lanes
  • 13th and Fairview
  • 47th North and Oliver
  • 940 S. Breckenridge Court
  • Harry and Topeka
  • Murdock and Ohio
  • Pawnee and Broadway
  • 1700 E. Walnut Grove in Derby
  • 21st and N. Minnesota
  • I-235 and Central
  • Volutsia and Lincoln
  • 13th and Maize
  • 31st South and Glenn
  • Palisade and Clark
  • Hydraulic and El Monte
  • Kellogg and Hillside
  • 31st Street North and Broadway
  • 800 S. Hillside
  • 31st South and Seneca
  • Lincoln and Washington
  • Harry and Rock
  • Wassall and Hydraulic
  • 31st Street South and Meridian
  • 13th and Gow
  • Blake and Pallisade
  • West Street from Central to 13th
  • Westbound lanes of 29th North at Tyler
  • Tyler and University