WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — People of the South Wind is not just a slogan in Kansas.

“This is crazy wind. It’s way too much,” said Elizabeth Hoover with little Adalyn, enjoying Riverside Park on Tuesday. “But I mean we’re used to it here. It’s Kansas.”

Others taking dogs for a walk noticed the blown-over trash cans. But didn’t seem to mind the change in weather even if it included strong winds.

“Feels good. No, it’s good,” said Lawana Burnett who was walking Melotis in the park. “Because of the heat, it balances it out. Heat is ok. Yes, definitely. It’s been winter for a long time. I’m ready for the heat!”

The track meet in Augusta was not only a challenge for runners, but for parents as well.

“I have twin grandsons,” said 92-year-old JoAnn Johnson, who was watching from the stand. “Oh, I’m used to it. I’m used to it after 90 some years you’re used to it. That’s just Kansas.”

Other parents cheering on their kids even found a way to joke about Kansas wind and their hair.

“We’ve go no hair and hair pulled up in ponytail so,” said Vicky Cleary.

Vicky was with her husband Mike, who shaves his head.

“Wind doesn’t bother me,” said Mike. “I’m used to it. I just like it when it’s warm. If it’s warm, I’m fine with it.”

Their daughter easily got the win with the last leg of the Andover 4×800 race.

“We talk to her about the wind and strategy,” said Mike. “She takes it from there.”

Other parents say it’s been tough for their kids to fight the wind. But it’s warmer temps that seem to make it better.

“He’s happy it’s not freezing today,” said Ginger Baysinger. “Last week, it was freezing cold so he can handle the wind.”

With the warmer weather here, some say it’s time to get out more.

“We will be out a lot more,” said Lawana. “I mean I take him out all the time. But these walks are so good. He’s a good dog.”